Friday, September 21, 2012

Leeches, demons and vampires join forces for a fear-filled fall with a double feature 10th Anniversary release of LEECHES! and SPEED DEMON and the all-new vampire thriller IMMORTAL KISS: QUEEN OF THE NIGHT starring the first African-American 007 Bond girl Trina Parks. Both discs street November 6, 2012.
When a college swim team begins using a powerful new steroid to enhance their performances, their dip in a leech filled lake produces foot long blood suckers after feeding off the fit young men. Soon the entire campus is under siege as the hungry critters make a smorgasbord of the student bodies. LEECHES!, starring 2012 DALLAS star Josh Henderson, and soapsters Matt Twining (ONE LIFE TO LIVE) and Charity Rahmer (DAYS OF OUR LIVES), was directed by David DeCoteau and written by Fangoria magazines’s Michael Gingold. LEECHES! is celebrating its 10th Anniversary on a Letterboxed special edition DVD with a making of, on-camera interviews with DeCoteau and FX creator Jeff Farley, never before seen footage, blooper reel, photo gallery and a commentary track with the director and writer.
On the same disc is DeCoteau’s SPEED DEMON, also celebrating a decade of fright. When a gang takes over a southern California community, a mysterious driver with a demonic hood ornament appears, taking out the gang members one-by-one. SPEED DEMON is also presented in Letterboxed Widescreen with the director’s commentary and stars Mark Ian Miller (THE FRIGHTENING), Collin Stark (THE O.C.) and Robert Donavan (DALLAS). SRP for the double-feature disc is $19.98.  
Out on its own is IMMORTAL KISS: QUEEN OF THE NIGHT, a supernatural thriller audiences can really sink their teeth into. The title marks the cinematic return of Trina Parks and co-stars Preston Davis of TV’s ENTOURAGE.
The eccentric Amina (Parks) and her secretive assistant Parnell (Davis) have invited five handsome young men to her secluded mansion with the promise of work. Little do the men know the sexually charged mistress is actually a vampire seeking a new single consort – and only one will survive to be her chosen prince of darkness.
It has been thirty-six years since Parks last feature film, THE MUTHERS, but it was her turn as “Thumper” in DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER that made her famous, becoming the first African-American Bond Girl of the 007 franchise. IMMORTAL KISS director David DeCoteau sought out the professional singer and dancer to lead the all-black cast. “I’ve been a fan of Trina’s for such a long time,” he says. “She was just stunning in so many of her early roles and she’s remained a beautiful and talented woman. To have her lead our cast has been a wonderful experience. She poured so much energy into her role as Amina, she really makes the film.”
Both DVDs will release day and date through major retailers and VOD. Fans can view LEECHES!, SPEED DEMON and IMMORTAL KISS: QUEEN OF THE NIGHT through various options including iTunes, Amazon,, Sony Play Station, Time Warner, Comcast, Charter, AT&T Universe, Verizon, Xbox and more. For more information and including photos, captions and poster art, please visit