Thursday, November 16, 2006

THE RAVEN - Wrapped!

I just wrapped shooting on my new movie EDGAR ALLAN POE'S THE RAVEN and I couldn't be happier. I have a few shots to pick up in London next week but 99% of the film is complete. I should have pics up on the site soon so keep checking out this blog. More soon!

Monday, November 13, 2006


Well I'm halfway through the shoot and all is going well. The weather has been challenging but the crew and cast have been real troopers and we are on schedule. I really do love it here in Johannesburg. It is a beautiful city and all the rumors of it been dangerous are really overblown. The people are soooooo friendly and polite I may actually get an apartment here for the winter time. The good news is that famed British cinematographer VINCENT G. COX, BSC, ASC is amazing. Mr. Cox shot the HAMMER film CREATURES THE WORLD FORGOT and I feel so lucky to have such an extraordinary talent as my cameraman. More soon...

Sunday, November 05, 2006


Welcome to my new presence on the web! I have decided to use this blog to update my travels making movies all over the world. It is much easier for me to update this site than the Rapid Heart Pictures website from before. Find the links on your right to navigate to my webstore, yahoo forum, etc.

The latest news is that I am in Johannesburg, South Africa preparing to shoot my new movie EDGAR ALLAN POE’S THE RAVEN. I start shooting on Wednesday the 8th of November. The cast is coming together very nicely and the locations are spectacular. The film is a modern day retelling of the classic poem but with a murder mystery twist. Set in the English countryside the film is very “tea cup” - like a Merchant Ivory film meets Agatha Christie. It will premiere on the HERE TV network early next year.

I will try to update this site daily to let you know how the shoot is going and to post pictures!